Is a place where a world of luxury meets a world of service. We offer more than / 400 / different sized villas where residents wishes are granted and every expectation of a modern home is fulfilled.

From recreation and sport facilities to playground to playground and beautiful landscape.  Al-Yamama Village provides a harmonious environment that is made to suit the needs and lifestyles of the residents. 

Such luxury now has a name: “Al-Yamama Village “

Welcome you to Al Yamama Village – an international community with a “neighborhood” atmosphere. The first phase of Al Yamama Village opened for residents back in 1983: and since that time, many families have enjoyed our friendly atmosphere, excellent facilities and top-quality accommodations.


Al-Yamama Village provides  different type of Villas. The Villas consist of all required services designed to the best architectural designs availing several suitable types for customers.

 1 Bedroom
 Area  ( 78 ) sq.m
2 Bedroom
Area  (130 , 160 , 200, 245, 297  ) sq.m
3 Bedroom
Area ( 165, 283 , 332 ) sq.m
4 Bedroom
Area ( 404 ) sq.m


What’s in a Name ?

How did Al Yamama Village get its name?  In Arabic, Yamama means “dove”. You will see many of these graceful birds around the compound.